Big Lake Country Club Assisted Living Homes

Big Lake Country Club Assisted Living Homes provide 24-hour assisted home living environment to developmentally delayed and emotionally challenged adults seeking a lifestyle of independent living but requiring daily support, monitoring, and supervision. Our mission is “To promote the participant’s level of functioning and independence in a therapeutic setting, provide support, respite, and education for families and caregivers, provide opportunities for social interaction, and serve as an integral part of the community service network.”

To ensure our clients’ success and well being we provide the following services:

  • A Safe, Caring, and nurturing environment where personal growth and development are of primary importance.
  • Assistance with daily living skills including hygiene, laundry, housekeeping, physical exercise, supervision of self medication, food preparation and nutrition, social development and interaction, and development of computer skills.
  • Comfortable private assisted living quarters.
  • Family oriented activities including picnics, barbecues, celebration of holidays, birthdays, camping, fishing, shopping, movies, gym and community dining.

Big Lake Country Club is located within Big Lake, Alaska, with six assisted living homes across three spacious estates. Our main campus is nestled in Houston, Alaska across forty acres. These estates include; gardening plots, biking trails,  walking trails, ATV trails, animals native to Alaska such as Reindeer, domestic farm animals, and family pets.  Lakes and rivers are located within and near these estates.

These assisted living homes also provide:

  • Assisted living private bedrooms and cabins
  • Computers with internet access
  • Daily entertainment including game room
  • Family style meals three times a day including snacks and a client store
  • Property is fenced and secure with 24 hour staff and camera surveillance.

Big Lake Country Club’s primary key to success resides in its focus on each recipient’s individual needs and our commitment to provide the highest quality care and service. We believe in guiding and assisting our clients while allowing each to take maximum responsibility for their own life. Big Lake Country Club strives to support its clients in making the best possible choices while treating each individual with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Big Lake Country Club is a certified Medicaid Waiver provider.