Big Lake Country Club’s supported employment program consists of training a client by an approved specialist, who uses structured techniques to aid the client conducting a selected task and learn the interpersonal skills necessary to be accepted as a worker at the job site and in related community contacts.

Through supported employment, a qualified individual (job coach) works directly with our clients in a training or placement site to help them learn the specific requirements of a job/task; learn work-related activities and requirements such as time and attendance rules; and learn appropriate work-related (including social) behaviors when dealing with supervisors and co-workers.

By placing a client directly in a job with the hands-on assistance of a job coach, areas of vocational and personal strength and weakness become apparent early in the process and are based on actual, not projected or simulated experience; the client is able to receive immediate feedback, assistance, and follow-up from the support person; and an employer is able to take on and observe the progress of the consumer without a full commitment of personnel resources in the beginning of the process.